Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Schedule

Still ironing out some details and there may be some additions, but this where we’re at right now for Saturday. (Presenters) are in parentheses; suggested interest groups are in italics.

(See most recent schedule post.)

I’m very looking forward to a great day of discussion. And don’t forget Friday night's festivities.


Steve Brezenoff said...

What, no "9:00 -- Karaoke"?!

Unknown said...

Okay, cracking up about the wording. I know I did a short stint in culinary school but now I'm catering?! LOL! 8-)

Steve, I'd sign up for karaoke!

Andrew Karre said...

Laura, we've all read your blog. There's no error in the wording.

Mary Lee said...

Joining me on the Poetry Friday Panel will be Mary Ann Scheuer, Elaine Magliaro, Laura Purdie Salas, Amy VanDerwater and Toby Speed.

Anonymous said...

Egads - 7:30 in the morning? Please tell this west coaster there will be gallons of coffee available? :) Looking forward to face-to-face time with all of you.

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