Thursday, October 14, 2010

More FAQs

With the conference just a week away (eeek!), I wanted to address a few more questions that are cropping up.

1) Is the conference at the hotel?

No. The conference will be held at Open Book (details at this post). Open Book is a short walk from the conference hotel but there will also be a shuttle available to take attendees to and from the hotel.

2) Can I register onsite?

Yes. However, onsite registration will be cash only; no checks or credit cards. To be perfectly honest, we're not set up to take cash so exact change ($45 in any combination of bills) is greatly appreciated.

3) What all is happening?

On Friday evening (October 22), conference attendees are invited to a wine and cheese reception to be held at Open Book at 6:00pm. At the reception, we will distribute name badges and conference packets. Following the reception, YA authors Maggie Stiefvater, Brenna Yovanoff, and Tessa Gratton will be giving a special presentation (free to conference attendees) to discuss critique partnerships and their online lives as writers.

On Saturday (October 23), check-in (for those who didn't get their packets the night before) will start at 7:30am. Maggie Stiefvater will give the keynote address at 8:10am. Following that will be a series of concurrent sessions addressing a variety of YA blogging topics. Lunch will be served (courtesy of HarperCollins) and books of attending authors will be sold (lunch is a great time to have these books signed as well). The conference will conclude around 5:00, followed by a social hour, a reading by local authors, and dinner at 7:00pm. The schedule is available here.

4) I'm thinking about offering to host the KidlitCon next year. Should I schedule it the same month as my wedding?

No. (Many, many thanks to Andrew and Ben for holding the fort while I indulged in nuptials.)



Alea said...

Where should we park? I know there is a small lot right there but if that is full do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!

aquafortis said...

Oho! Congrats! No wonder you've been quiet lately. :)

Mary Lee said...

Reminder: It's not ALL about YA blogging and/or YA bloggers. Some of us blog about K-5 books, teaching, poetry, writing, etc etc etc.

laurasalas said...

Alea, There's metered street parking in the blocks surrounding the Open Book, and a garage nearby. Oh--from the site: ...Other options include meters along 10th, 11th, and Washington Avenues and 3rd Street South; the Riverfront Municipal Ramp (212 9th Avenue South); and the Mill Quarter Ramp (711 2nd Street South).

Brian, Congratulations!

Mary Lee, You go, girl! Kids' bloggers in the house.

Question: The Open Book says it opens at 8am. Registration is at 7:30, so I assume it's opening early that day. Any idea how early the Coffee Gallery will open that day? I can't find any details on the site.

Alea said...

Laurasalas- Thank you! I just looked it up as well!

Nina Crittenden said...

Congratulations, Brian!

elissacruz said...

What Mary Lee said.


elissacruz said...

I heard through the grapevine that President Obama will be visiting the city that day as well. I believe he'll be at the university a few miles from Open Book.

That may or may not affect traffic and parking.

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